ABG Cement Ltd. will start its Green field Cement Plant with the capacity of 6 MTPA at Gujarat location. For the smooth operation of the cement plant ABG Cement Ltd. is having its own captive limestone mines at nearby area. Power is the basic requirement, therefore, ABG Energy Ltd-a sister concern of the ABG Cement Ltd. is planning to install 2 x 50 MW coal based Power Plant for providing power to the cement plant and for its domestic electricity requirement.

This Greenfield project, including the Power Plant, has adopted the most modern technology for the cement and power production. The mining will be done conventionally by mechanized mining, with utmost taking care of environment. This helps to reduce the pollution in the mining area. All the material transportation will be done through covered belt conveyors, which is also equipped with sophisticated air pollution control devices and adequate dust suppression wherever it is required to further reduce the dust load in the atmosphere. ABG Cement is having Glass Bag House in the raw mill & Kiln outlet. This is also a latest technology in the cement manufacturing industry. This will work smoothly even during in the process up-set condition. ABG Energy Ltd will also having effective ESP’s in boiler outlets.

To consider water conservation ABG considering all its practices as “ZERO discharge” scheme since inception. ABG Energy Ltd. is adopting Air Cooled Condensers which; helps to conserve almost 800 — 1000 m3 water per day. All the waste water will be treated into the treatment plant and reused in the process, dust suppression or in plantation. ABG has planned to make 4 water harvesting pits with the capacity of 15000 m3 each at different locations of the plant area to collect the surface runoff during monsoon. ABG is having a common residential colony for ABG Cement and ABG Energy Ltd. all the domestic sewage will be treated in Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

Since inception ABG will take care of the Hazardous wastes management. All the waste oil will be reused in the system for secondary and tertiary lubrication and finally will be burned in the kiln. A separate storage and disposal facilities will be developed to collect all the wastes with all the precautions as per the guidelines of MoEF.

Massive plantations will be done as per the guidelines of MoEF in and around the plant area to reduce the noise and dust effects. All inside roads will be tar road and regularly cleaned by mechanized road sweepers on daily basis.

A full-fledged environment cell is provided to monitor and ensure compliance all the environmental conditions stipulated by regulatory agencies. Most modern environmental monitoring laboratory is dedicated for measuring all environmental parameters. This includes monitoring van and on-line monitoring system.